GM Competencies: Building the Business Case

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It's about moving the right people across country borders to the right place at the right time and the right costs

This concise definition does not mirror the vast array of competencies GM Professionals require to make it happen. After all, the GM domain is a myriad of different types of work movements, stakeholders with competing (and often conflicting) interests, (academic) disciplines with a strong interdependency. Moreover, the GM domain undergoes constant changes in requirements, expectations, technology, company structure, and has no limitations in terms of languages, cultures, generations, genders, and time zones. 
In this framework, knowledge is of importance, but being knowledgeable is not enough. GM Professionals also need
  • Skills, such as negotiating techniques, drawing up the Assignment Business Case, language skills, use of GM technology, MS Excel, and social media;
  • Abilities, such as a financial acumen, strategic insights;
  • Attributes (properties, qualities or characteristics), such as empathy, flexibility, resilience, self-reflection, and “can-do” mentality.
In this category, we provide you with courses on how to enhance your skills to build a credible business case.          
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